How to trade in Deriv Trading platform?

Deriv is an online trading platform that has gained a massive name in the field of trading. The main goal of the company is to help you boost start your trading career. Getting started and trading online with Deriv was never that easy. In this article, I will cover everything about Deriv and how you can trade with the same.

How to trade with Deriv?

Deriv is an online trading platform. You can start trading with this platform in just a few simple steps.

Step 1: Create  a free account

Deriv is beginner friendly platform and therefore, they offer two types of account.

  • Practice account: A practice account is a virtual money account where you get $10, 000 in virtual currency via which you can practice and start trading for free. A practice account is a look-alike account of a real account. here, you test your trading skills and improve trading accuracy.


  • Live account: This is the account where you make live money and withdraw your real money. In order, to open a Live account you need to make a deposit of at least $10.


Step 2: Understand trading tools

If you want to become a real pro trader you need to understand trading tools. Trading tools like Moving averages, Support & Resistance are considered the ABC of trading. I will highly suggest you get started with these tools first. The best way to boost your trading career is by getting access to Deriv Academy. here they will teach you everything from basics to advanced and will help you become a pro.

 Step 3: Place trades according to your analysis

Once you have understood how to use trading tools now you need to analyse the chart. If according to your analysis market will stay up place buy trade and conversely, If according to your analysis market will stay down place sell trade.


Step 4: Make profit

Once you have placed trades after the expiration of time the broker will check the same. If your trade is correct you will earn the invested amount plus the rate of return. Suppose, you invested $100 in gold with of a contract in 80% profit. After the trade expiration if your trade is correct you will earn the invested amount i.e. $100 plus $80 in return.

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